I would like to call this set of photos- the stage. Begins literally with with an image of Anand from a collaboration with Adishakti Theatre (actors,directors and the dogs) and Karunya Rajan- Creative director Kalki. Then there are photos of Shruti in her farm (where she camouflages), and Johanna wearing her partner’s angrakha. Then there are a few glimpses from a precious collaboration with Niveditha Subramanian and Kalki, we made a mysterious children’s book with illustrations and writing by Niveditha. And selected photos from archives of many shoots I did with Upasana (Auroville) that were performative in approach starring Renu, Madhu, Anuja, Anne ,Sophie, Susha, spontaneously styled. Also features a few images from a commission for the magazine Soup- edited by Meera Ganapathi, where we explored the idea of dark skin in urban India.